Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Courteeners - Cross My Heart & Hope To Fly

The first time I heard this song, on Zane Lowe's first play naturally, I had to pause it to make sure there was no background music playing. In my defence the intro is just about as far away from anything on St Jude as possible. Only when Liam Fray's vocals kick in does this bare any resemblance to a Courteeners tune

To start with I wasn't too sure about all the "oooh's", it just didn't seem right. How could the band that gave us the rawness of Kimberly and the simplicity of Please Don't produce something so...grand. Two or three listens later and I loved it. Different doesn't always have to mean bad and in this case it certainly doesn't. Cross My Heart & Hope To Fly keeps all that's good from The Courteeners first album - danceable riffs, catchy hooks and Liam's fantastic lyrics - and then just takes everything up a notch (and it has handclaps, any song that includes handclaps is a winner to me!). Hearing this has given me high hopes for the tour in March. If this song's anything to go by then second album Falcon should be a stormer!

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