Saturday, 19 September 2009

Twin Atlantic - 14th/15th September

I'm not going to do another proper Twin review, as I'm sure is obvious (check the title of the blog perhaps?) I like them a lot so it's hard not to be biased. Basically on Monday their mini album Vivarium was released (it's perfect - buy it ;]) and to celebrate they played a special secret gig in the Winter Gardens.

The idea was basically to get up at "stupid o'clock" as Ross put it and go down to HMV or Avalanche to get wristbands which would admit you to the gig. Thanks to school we couldn't go but Holly and Eilidh got us some wristbands so at 7 we found ourselves at Winter Gardens with 200 or so other fans. The venue was perfect (though extremely warm) as, with all its plants etc, it tied in with the album title. The gig itself was just fantastic, probably the best I've ever seen Twin, they played the full of Vivarium plus Crash Land, A Guidance From Colour, I Cave In and Time is The Enemy - in my opinion the best setlist possible. A great night was had by all and after a quick root about for anything we could find (we ended up with a setlist, a plectrum and a flower between us) we headed home.
(the result of not bringing a camera, but you get the idea)
Tuesday saw the guys do a signing at Avalanche Records. Firstly, apologies to anyone we annoyed in the queue, Shannon and Eilidh's birthdays were on Monday/Tuesday and we decided to celebrate by eating cake and playing with a bubble gun. Anyway the signing was pretty fun, had a nice chat with Barry and Ross about, well...everything really. Turns out Ross lives round the corner from me. After the signing Sam played a couple of acoustic songs outside which was a nice touch! Seriously these are some of the nicest guys you could ever meet, add that to the fact they're bloody awesome and you've got yourself a must see band. Roll on October 2nd!!!

(not my video, credit to connorsonfire)

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