Monday, 3 August 2009

Twin Atlantic (Supporting Taking Back Sunday) @ ABC Glasgow, 29/7/2009

When I got told I was to review this I knew straight away I'd find it tough not to be biased. Twin Atlantic are one of my favourite bands and I won't hear a bad word spoke about them. But the truth is they're THAT good live it's hard not to give them a perfect review.

Playing to another band's crowd is never easy, especially when it's a band as rightfully popular as Taking Back Sunday. From the moment Twin Atlantic took to the stage it was evident that 90% of the crowd were more interested in what was coming next as opposed to what was in front of them. However the subdued crowd failed to dishearten the Glasgow fourpeice as they kicked off with the explosive "Lightspeed" which involved singer Sam McTrusty delivering his distinctive vocals with the kind of passion that's already made his band Scotland's hottest prospect.

Despite a few technical difficulties, namely guitarist Barry McKenna managing to pull his lead out at least twice, Twin continued their set in a blistering fashion. Demonstrating not only fantastic musical talent but also the kind of confidence and stage presence that's normally reserved for the headlining band.

A superb rendition of "What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?" was followed by new single "You're Turning Into John Wayne", an edgy song which proves that despite their imminent success the band aren't about to succumb to a more commercial sound.

Remarkably, neither of these, nor promising new track "Old Grey Face", succeeded in livening up the majority of the crowd. Being more used to seeing Twin in a hall full of adoring fans it was strange watching them having to try and impress but they done just that with the spine tingling "A Guidance From Colour". Even the most die hard of Taking Back Sunday fans couldn't help but take note as Barry swapped his guitar for an electric cello and the band demonstrated their softer side with this atmospheric number.

However it was final song, "Audience And Audio" that eventually roused the crowd, it's soaring vocals and infectious melody forcing people to give the band the attention they deserved. Their fate as a pretty much perfect support band was sealed towards the end of the song when Taking Back Sunday frontman, Adam Lazzara, joined them on stage to sing the final few lines.

As the guys finished up a small group of us departed the main area and headed towards the merch stall, safe with the knowledge that in not many months time Twin Atlantic will most certainly be headlining, if not this venue, then one even bigger. And this time in front of fans that fully appreciate them.

Gemma Barnes

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